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Photo Credit: Sakshi Tanwar, Aamir Khan That Sakshi Tanwar is a brilliant actress is something we all know. The actress has been loved right from her TELEVISION debut with Kahani Ghar Ki and has since that time, only grown in reputation. She was last seen on 24 with Anil Kapoor, and is now all geared up to make her huge Bollywood debut opposite Aa http://naplyrics.com/Khaike-Pan-Banaras-Wala-lyrics mir Khan in Dangal. I actually caught up with the actress to learn more. Youve had a hugely successful innings on TV. What got you so long to make the switch? The fact that Id never prepared for it. In fact , I had by no means planned for my tv innings as well. It all happened to me by chance. I used to be preparing to be an IAS officer, I was preparing for the civil services exam. I guess destiny had other programs. So , I started doing television and before I could even realise, the display had become very popular and am had no time to reconsider what had happened. Therefore , even after that show got over, there was no plan. There never ever was a plan. Its just that I permitted things to happen to me instead of choosing things to do. That way, Id consider myself blessed the fact that right projects chose me personally at the right time. Regardless of whether it was the first daily display that I did or Bade Acche or 24, the ideal ones kept coming my way. Similarly, for Dangal, it was never on the agenda. Even when I would learn about the film being made and that Mr. Aamir Khan is doing Mahavirs role and that theyre hunting for the girls, I might just read it every other news. The thought would never even cross my thoughts that I could be a part of this or that I should be a portion of it. It just occurred organically. Then how do Dangal happen? I got the call one day from Mukesh Chhabra and he asked myself to audition for the part. So , I went within and gave my season casting. A couple of days later, I got the call from Aamir Khan telling me they actually liked my audition which I got the part. In the beginning, I didnt believe this. I thought it was someone playing a prank on myself and just took it gently. But later when I realised it was true, I was over the moon! Aamir Khan is known to be a perfectionist. What

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