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Photo Credit: Gwyneth Paltrow | Image Source: icewhite. wordpress. co. uk Superstars are known for trying out the weirdest diets and beauty techniques to get the perfect look (such Kim Ks vampire facial or Katie Holmes snail slime skin care.. ewww! ). Some of us who are brave enough will venture out and give these fads a try while most of us, gasp, gossip with our besties about how ridiculous some of these are and move on with lifestyle till we come across the next quirky treatment. Oil tugging is the latest trend that seems to revolutionising the beauty globe. Its whats resposible for nature mama, Gwyneth Paltrows and our prime in http://naplyrics.com/aanewala-pal-janewala-hai-lyrics spo, Kylie Jenners, flawless 100 watt smiles. No, it doesnt involve a dental professional and is barely invasive. Yes, it can be done in the calm of your house, is totally inexpensive and 100% Ayurvedic. What Is Oil Pulling? Oil pulling or essential oil swishing is a traditional Ayurveda remedy where oil is definitely swished or held within the mouth for 10-20 moments. The oil supposedly attracts bad bacteria and harmful toxins from your gums and salivary glands and helps to prevent cavities, gingivitis and lessens halitosis and leaves your teeth super and impeccably white. Apart from the dental benefits, oil pulling also boasts a whole ton of health properties through easing headaches and softening hangovers to relieving epidermis issues like psoriasis and eczema and also he lps to clear sinuses. Photo Credit: eonline. com How Does It Function? In traditional Ayurveda, gargling treatments like kavala graha and gandusha are used to treat imbalances of various doshas or bioelements of the body. But as with any Ayurvedic treatment, there is no real scientific proof of how it works. Some declare the oil attracts harmful toxins in the same way that a magnet really does, others say its the particular lipids in the oil that absorb the toxins, while a few others say claim that the mechanical action of swishing something gloopy about your mouth and in-between each tooth that swoops away bad bacteria. Photo Credit: fashionlush. com How To Oil Pull All you need is a tablespoon of oil olive, vegetable, sunflower, sesame or coconut essential oil, p

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